Healthy Pets This Summer

Keep Your Pet Healthy this Summer

As the summer heats up, there are some things you should do to help insure your animals stay safe and healthy. Whether you have small animals or are involved in equine activities, the heat can take its toll on pets. Here are our Norwich Agway top tips to keep your pets healthy this summer.

Don’t leave your pet in a car alone. Even for a short period of time with a window cracked, heat in a parked car can increase rapidly and have tragic results.

Make sure your pet is updated on vaccinations. Summertime generally mean a better opportunity for pets to mingle with potential rabies carrying wildlife.

Watch your dog closely when going to the park. Dogs will be tempted by picnic trash like chicken bones and corn cobs that can cause your pet serious issues.

Make sure you keep your windows closed or at least have screens on them to keep your pet from exploring outside on their own.

Watch pets carefully around water and pools. In spite of the fact that most dogs can swim, they are susceptible to drowning.

Make sure your pets get plenty of water during the summer. Just like humans, pets can get overheated and dehydrated. Keep a source of cool, clean water available.

If yours is an outside pet, make sure they have a shady area they can move to during the heat of the day.

Summer is heartworm season so have your dog tested by your vet. Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitos so they are now at risk.

Groom your pet more often during the summer and keep a close eye out for fleas and ticks.

Play with your pet in the cooler parts of the day to avoid them getting overheated.

Summer offers a great opportunity to enjoy your dog, cat and other pet, but it offers risks as well. Taking some simple pet care steps can keep your pet happy and healthy during the season! Remember, for farm and home, choose Norwich Agway for brands you can trust and people who know!

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