Feeding Birds and Other Wildlife

Choosing to feed and watch the birds and wildlife is the fastest growing hobby in our area.  We learned at our last bird seminar that there is no such thing as a fat bird, or that they will become dependent on you for food.  They only get a percentage of their diet from your bird feeder, so do not stress if you go away on vacation!  Black Oil Sunflower seed is the most popular of seeds because it is a decent size seed for all birds, and also as a high fat content. Favorite is a good mix for all birds, big and small. If you want to attract many different varieties of birds, then you should choose to feed a variety of seeds.  We have over 25 varieties to choose from…and that doesn’t include the Suet-Plus_boxmountains of suet we have in stock!  Suet provides a great high-fat option for the birds in these cold winter months.  Place it at least five feet off the ground, and near a tree is preferred. Once a suet cake is discovered, it will disappear rather quickly, so be prepared to go through suet!  We offer many different flavor options, but our best seller is the Suet Plus High Energy.

The greatest benefit you can give a bird, year round, is water.  If you are able to set up a birdbath, with a heater, or even a deck mounted bird bath, would be a great help to our feathered friends!

Robin-bird-on-feederDifferent feeders, will also attract different birds!  Have you ever seen a cardinal at a tube feeder? More than likely not. They prefer to feed on the ground or on a platform feeder. Songbirds like chickadee, titmouse, and sparrow will be found at tube feeders, as well as platform feeders. Take a look at our extensive bird feeder collection to pick the right one for your birds!

Bird houses, squirrel baffles, seed & water make for a most desirable environment for the birds!  Grab a window feeder while you’re here to entertain your cats and kids as well!  Deer&Rabbit-Repellent-jug

Wildlife has had it easy so far with the warmer than usual temperatures.  With a little more snow cover, and cold though, you are bound to see them approach your yard, and home more frequently looking outside of the woods for food.  Deer love shrubs (whether you think they are deer resistant or not!) and will nibble on the bark and buds from young trees.  You can help protect your greenery with spraying a repellent on the leaves, bark and around the shrub or tree.  Liquid Fence is our number one deer repellent, in liquid or granular form.

Wild-Bird-Seed-blockNow that you have protected your plants, you can get back to feeding the wildlife.  We have many options to choose from including whole corn, deer feed with molasses, and wildlife salt and seed blocks.

Stop by Norwich Agway today to stock up on all of your bird and wildlife feeding supplies!

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