Keeping Pests Out of the Garden


Bugs for Dinner? Keeping Pests Out of the Garden

More and more of our Norwich Agway customers are getting into planting home gardens, and for good reasons. Gardening can be rewarding and therapeutic. It can also provide healthier, better tasting fruits and vegetables to those found in a grocery store. A large enough garden can have a significant impact on your grocery bill as well!

Unfortunately, most gardens come with the challenge of dealing with bugs and other pests. There are some simple steps you can take to help with these pests. Here are some suggestions to keeping pests out of your garden.

Eliminate standing water. Look for water in any low lying areas or in empty pots or other containers. You want to minimize breeding opportunities for bugs and they love standing water.

Make your own natural dry pesticide. Mix some black pepper with flour and sift it over and around your plants.

Mix up some natural liquid insecticide. Mix a few teaspoons of liquid dish detergent in a gallon of water and spray on and around plants. This can help with spider mites and aphids.

Make a natural spider and ant deterrent. Mix together some whole wheat flour, buttermilk and water. Put the liquid into a spray bottle and spray around the base of your plants.

These are some easy, natural steps you can take to help make sure you get to your fruits and vegetables before the pests do. Of course if you have a severe bug problem, or a problem with animals, you may have to take more aggressive steps. Talk to one of our team members at Norwich Agway. They can help guide you through the many pesticides and pest control options available.

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